Our Story


At Hammock, we are a stylish yet homey boutique hotel that connects discerning travelers through memorable hospitality experiences.


The story of The Hammock Hotel is inextricably tied to our desire to serve up an unassuming, intimate retreat that is not just your “home away from home” but also open doors to new experiences and friendships.

We build discerning travellers a relaxed, smartly curated haven with innovative features. Sink into one of our spacious “NEST” with the signature “STAGE”, perk it up with complimentary all-day free flow of goodies in our well stock “SPACE” to self-service laundry.

Let us take care of you as you focus on soaking in the local culture and mingle with neighbours at unexpected nooks around the hotel



Passion in architectural photography contributed significantly in my design approach. Spaces are created to bring up the visual emotions through the lenses of cameras and the humans eyes.

Every single corner of the hotel is not merely a background, but an object of its own that I hope can create positivity and sense of pride from the guest.

Biggest acclamation to the design is one which the hotel guests are able to identify and appreciate these many corners in The Hammock Hotel and they will be part of the traveling pictures that the guests will show to their loved ones.
Love what you see? #PICTUREPERFECT